Friday, April 22, 2011

John Freida 3-Day Straight

My hair is so coarse and curly that usually when I straighten my hair it doesn't last long at all, especially in humidity. Usually, it can't last a day without needing touch ups..which is bad news for hair health because of heat stress. Can any of you relate to that problem? 
The curl pattern starts to show through 2 hours later even after painstakingly ironing my hair with a 400C hair straightener! SO I was thrilled when I heard about the John Freida 3 Day Straight - a miracle worker! Supposedly.

This 'miracle' product contains keratin and other fillers that essentially fill in gaps in the hair strand (we all have them) to strengthen the follicle. This gives the straightening iron something to grip and hold onto. It makes sense, because have you ever noticed that usually super clean hair without any products does not straighten as well as hair with some sort of serum or lotion applied beforehand?

What John Freida says: Transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts up to 3 days.* Designed to work with your hair straighteners, this weightless spray with heat protection blocks out frizz as you straighten. A revolutionary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand, sealing in straight style for up to 3 days.* Keeps hair glossy, smooth and swinging with body. Safe for colour-treated and chemically-treated hair. *Or until your next shampoo if less than 3 days.

So first thing's first, my hair texture is made up of A LOT of curly hair of varying textures (some loose, some tight curls)
 Summer 2010

Here is a picture of my straightened hair without the John Freida 3 Day Straight 
(in the summer, the ultimate test)
Summer 2010

Here is a picture of my hair with John Freida 3 Day Straight (last minute I decided to add some curl/wave to my hair by using the straightening iron as a curling iron).

Despite the loose curls, I could see and feel a distinct difference between my non-John Freida straightened hair (frizzy, curl pattern still visible, puffy) and my hair with the hair straightener product (smooth and resistant to humidity). I also really like that the product added a lot of shine on its own, without needing to add a second or third hair finishing product. 

Overall, this is a fantastic product for straight haired or curly haired girls alike. It adds the needed 'filler' and barrier to hair to achieve a lasting smooth, silky finish. I love that the John Frieda 3-Day Straight can be used to hold curls or waves as well. Really it should be called 3-Day Smooooth.

The only negative of this product is that my hair was really sticky and generally unpleasant after spraying the product all over my damp hair (as instructed). Instructions say to blow dry the hair with a round or paddle brush until bone dry, then go over with a straightening iron. Once I blow dried my hair, it was HUGE and definitely had the feeling of a sticky coating. But the straightening iron smoothed everything out and made it feel super healthy. So, ultimately the straightening iron step is definitely necessary, but I'm not convinced that the blow drying is. Next time I'd like to try air drying instead, to see if that helps with the initial puffyness. 

Definitely check out this new hair product if, like me, you've struggled with keeping your hair smooth and silky. This will be an awesome product this summer!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Still with me?

Ugh! Sorry for the IMMENSE lack of posting. Work, Life, blah blah blah. 
It makes me happy to see the follower list going strong! Thanks for sticking with me. I'll be back asap.

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