Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teeth whitening tricks you can do at home

Fearful of jeopardizing your sight, just to get whiter teeth?! I know I am! So try sprucing up your smile at-home! Without the need for an x-ray vest!

Ok, maybe I've been watching too many late night infomercials...But! I really do have an easy way to get whiter teeth, here's how:

Apply an over-the-counter whitening gel daily for 7 days straight, or as many times as you feel comfortable (this can also be done twice a day; however give your teeth a rest if you feel sensitivity).  I find it's easiest to whiten my teeth in the shower - sounds weird - this way, as the whitener foams up I don't make a mess. I can leave it in and not worry instead of drooling literally every where. Follow directions on the product!

Once you see satisfactory results, use the gel once a week as maintenance. 

Easy! No expensive whitening strips, dentist visits, or gimmicks. I like this method of whitening in particular because you can control every variable, and it's cheap as chips.

What you'll need:
  • Plus White Bleaching Gel (found in most drugstores, including WalMart, in the toothpaste aisle)
  • 2x Teeth tray OR mouth guard (found in sports stores and/or WalMart)
  • A camera to take a before and after shot... This way you'll know you're getting results!


AVY said...

The things people do to look good... :)

Liz of gloss spot said...

not nearly as bad as the things people don't do... :S

G. White said...

I dont think any of these works and trust me iv tried most of them, i think if you have the money go to your dentist have it done there, its safer and you'll get visible results. i only dream of that day, i have terrieble and for some reason really yellow teeth even though i brush them twice or more a day! soo not fair!

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