Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If you have to cry, go outside

When will this hit shelves in Canada?!

 ...kind of a crappy cover though, non?

Note: everyone needs a pretty pair of heels and nice slacks in life in general

6 pages of Cornell's Pi Phi Sorority Dress Code for your amusement:
(**Also known as: how to age yourself prematurely, succumb to peer pressure, and be bullied by warnings like "YES to booties if you can pull them off aka probably not".)


*As seen on Buzzfeed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm ready for spring

...who's with me?
threaded outlook bracelet set (F21 $6)

festival beaded necklace (F21 $8)

Natural Lip Stain with LipSurgence™ Technology
tarte lipstain (Sephora, $24)
daisy in the air, Marc Jacobs fragrance (Sephora, $57)

pink parka<br>
pink parka, Essie nail polish ($9)

RiRi screams Spring

Monday, January 25, 2010


I love Monique. Ever since the show Moesha I've been a fan. Have you seen "Precious" yet?

Oh and further to her Golden Globes red carpet pics, a little googling found this clip of Monique explaining her decision to not shave her legs. Guess what's cringe worthy in this clip...and it isn't Monique's legs.
Barbara needs to get schooled in DECORUM...let the awk begin:

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Anyone else a fan of Kelly Cutrone?

LOVE THIS!! Watch 'till the end!! Hahaha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Giiiiiirrrl, you smell good!
 I am fed up with my current fragrance collection, and have literally spent months looking for my next "it" scent. ...When I say months, I really mean that I  spray fragrance haphazardly up and down my arms every time I walk through a department store - all while avoiding eye contact with sales people - it's an afterthought, but all the same, it's frustrating. Why can't I find one I like? ...Can you relate?

The most difficult part about fragrance selection is that every fragrance will smell different on every body. Body chemistry also makes it essentially impossible to sample a fragrance, decide if you like it, and purchase it then and there. If you do, there's a strong chance you'll be disappointed (AHEM! Betsey Johnson).

I've learned the best way to test a new fragrance out is to spray your wrist, let it dry (don't mash your wrists together), smell once it's dry, then smell an hour later and see if you still like it. This is why I do a run-through of Sephora or a department store, spraying anything that catches my eye (limit to 2 scents, one per arm), then leave and wait and see if I like it in an hour.

Here's a thorough explanation from of why it's so important to let a fragrance "dry down" before buying :

The top note is the initial appeal of a fragrance. It is the scent which is picked up most immediately....This is important because it is the first impression of the fragrance, it sets the mood in a way.

The middle note also called “the heart” (or “le coeur” in French), because it gives a fragrance its body, or fullness. The middle note is sensed a few moments after the fragrance is applied. Obviously, being the heart, the middle notes plays a very important role in the “life” of the fragrance. It is perhaps the most memorable odor of the fragrance.

Last, but not least, the bottom note is the residual portion of the fragrance. This is the note that lasts the longest because it is composed of ingredients with low volatility. Once the volatile top and middle notes have faded, the bottom note is all that remains and is therefore responsible for the longevity of the fragrance.

That whole process can take upwards of an hour!

So before you run out and start testing every perfume out there (an every growing selection thanks to the likes of Paris Hilton and her celebrity peers..ugh) try to pick a family of scents that most appeals to you then go from there.
 Nothing says "You know you want to smell like me" like pearls and a bustier during daylight hours!

Go to Marie Claire to try their fragrance finder - fill out their super cheesy quiz to generate some perfume ideas, or type in your current favorite fragrance and they'll recommend 3 more with similar notes.

Sephora also has a helpful fragrance finder.

Happy smelling!


There are far more pressing and important issues in the world than makeup and beauty blogging - I am aware and sensitive to this. I hope that those of you who read this blog will consider joining the global effort to help bring relief to Haiti during their time of urgent need, if you haven't already. The first earthquakes happened a week to the day.

If you are interested, you can donate online with UNICEF. It's simple and secure and helps the children of Haiti who make up over 50% of the Haitian population.

There are several foundations involved with Haiti relief; I know that the Salvation Army and Red Cross are two other exceptional foundations bringing aid to Haiti as well. 

I think as young people it's sometimes really easy to overlook donations. But every dollar counts for something, so consider donating even a small amount.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teeth whitening tricks you can do at home

Fearful of jeopardizing your sight, just to get whiter teeth?! I know I am! So try sprucing up your smile at-home! Without the need for an x-ray vest!

Ok, maybe I've been watching too many late night infomercials...But! I really do have an easy way to get whiter teeth, here's how:

Apply an over-the-counter whitening gel daily for 7 days straight, or as many times as you feel comfortable (this can also be done twice a day; however give your teeth a rest if you feel sensitivity).  I find it's easiest to whiten my teeth in the shower - sounds weird - this way, as the whitener foams up I don't make a mess. I can leave it in and not worry instead of drooling literally every where. Follow directions on the product!

Once you see satisfactory results, use the gel once a week as maintenance. 

Easy! No expensive whitening strips, dentist visits, or gimmicks. I like this method of whitening in particular because you can control every variable, and it's cheap as chips.

What you'll need:
  • Plus White Bleaching Gel (found in most drugstores, including WalMart, in the toothpaste aisle)
  • 2x Teeth tray OR mouth guard (found in sports stores and/or WalMart)
  • A camera to take a before and after shot... This way you'll know you're getting results!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ok so what if I don't want a prom do from the 90's?

Have you ever tried to find your next haircut online? ...Google image'd "trendy haircuts" and ended up with this?
I bet money that she's got butterfly clips in the back...a la this.
(In other words what I looked like in grade 8.)

...Not really what I had in mind.
Here are some websites that might help in your next inspirational haircut search:

UK hairdressers has the largest selection of trendy, au-currant hair cuts I've managed to find online to date.

GHD has a great website with a small selection of style pictures, and great tutorial videos:

Mopshots is a great (US only) tool for finding great hairstyles and the hairstylists that created them. Fingers crossed this comes to Canada.

InStyle has a fab tool that allows you to try on celeb's hairstyles (for free), by either using their model or your own pic.

Another tip is to just scan (or rip, whoops!) images from your magazines as you see them, then store in your wallet or purse. Even if you're not in the market for a haircut, these pictures will come in handy weeks later when you're in your hair dresser's chair.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out! Damned spot!

...To quote Shakespeare. Because that's relevant. Isn't it the worst when you've gotten over a pimple, but the skin discolouration scars your face for weeks, sometimes months, after the irritation?!?! It's like your skin won't let you move on; and by the time it has faded two more have already popped up. Blasphemy!

But, there's an easy, cheap solution that dramatically reduces acne scars and I thought it would be worth devoting a blog post to. New Skin Scar Therapy, or any scar treatment ointment (such as Neosporin, Bio oil, etc.) provides the protection and moisture that is necessary for skin cell repair...and for a reasonable price! You can find these in the first-aid aisle at the pharmacy for around $12.

Once the pimple has healed and is no longer tender and inflamed (ie. no longer an infected pore), apply the scar ointment on clean, dry skin. I apply it at night after washing and moisturizing. This treatment works best on skin discolouration, not necessarily skin texture issues.

Literally within 8 hours you will see a significant improvement in the appearance of acne scars. I use the scar therapy treatment for 1-3 nights in a row, just to avoid aggravating pores further.

Let me know if you have any other tips for fading acne scars!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara Review

I've been wearing Makeup Forever's Smoky Lash mascara for a few weeks, and I am obsessed a fan going to try to provide an unbiased, honest review. It is the older, hipper sister to L'Oreal's Voluminous - one of my favorites, and a drugstore equivalent.
 Smoky Lash
The name 'Smoky Lash' implies dramatic, fluffy lashes; but I'd say the result is actually a dense, jet black look. The formulation is thick and clumpy, which literally builds lashes and creates a dramatic, full lash line. The application wand is an average bristle brush - no gimmicks here. For me, the standout of this mascara is the intensity of colour - jet black - and the extra thick formulation. I've found that the thick formula allows me to swipe once for more of a natural look (which, for most is leaning towards a dramatic look) and can just as easily be built up for that dense lash look.

Despite all of my fawning over this mascara, I have trepidation about recommending Smoky Lash because I've realized that people's tastes in mascara differ a lot. A favorite mascara for one person may be the worst mascara for another; I guess eyelashes are as unique as the hair on people's heads. Shampoos, conditioners and styling aids work differently for everyone. It is difficult to find products that create the same results consistently for everyone's hair, and I think that this theory holds true for mascara as well.  Not to mention, Smoky Lash is not cheap at U.S.$22. 

In short, ask for a sample if you're unsure, otherwise take the plunge and try it. This stuff will (hopefully) bring out your inner diva. But in the good-Beyonce-single-ladies way. 

Here is a candid to give you an idea of the MUFE Smoky Lash effect:
 Sorry for the less than scientific sample!
This is just to give you the idea.

Has anyone else tried MAKE UP FOR EVER'S SMOKY LASH? Thoughts?