Monday, February 23, 2009


Hopefully the title of this post grabbed your attention!

I'm asking for all my glossspot readers who have youtube accounts to SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel. I just set it all up last week and I currently have 4 videos, many more to come!

If you are a youtube user, enjoy makeup tutorials, reviews, etc. then please SUBSCRIBE! It's free and easy! Once you subscribe, all new videos I make will be on your youtube homepage just waiting for you!

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Thanks to those who have already rated my first few vidz on youtube :)

The Oscars

Four hours worth of glitz and glamour!! I'd be lying if I said I sat through the Oscar marathon from start to finish, but I watched the opening with Hugh Jackman and tuned back in for Best Actress (Kate Winslet), Best Actor (Sean Penn) and Best Movie (Slum Dog Millionaire) - and happened to see Best Makeup somewhere around the middle.

Loved Hugh as the host of this year's Oscars. I thought he embodied a great combination of humour and humbleness..and who knew he could execute a choreographed dance routine like that.

K now on to the superficial stuff...

Best Unexpected Dress goes to...

Tina Fey! Loved her bit with Steve Martin, and thought she had the right mix of vintage glam and modern style.

Best Colour goes to...

Natalie Portman...Love this colour on her, thought her makeup was perfect for the dress. The dress looked even better when she came out on stage to present best Cinematographer with Ben Stiller.
Best Oscar Nominee look goes to...

Anne Hathaway... I thought she looked regal and appropriate for an Oscar Nominee. Age appropriate too; I think a lot of times young actresses try to look more mature at the Oscars, but end up looking like a young girl in a matronly dress.

Best Couple at the Oscars goes to...

RDJ & Susan (?)...I love their look, really ties together nicely. Red is difficult to wear on a red carpet, but I think she pulled it off because it's a coral colour pulled together with the Grecian style dress. Plus I REFUSE to acknowledge Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (although I loved her outfit with those striking green earrings) I find them incredibly irritating and overrated.

Speaking of The Brange...
Why didn't Jennifer Anniston go all out?!?!

I was a tad dissapointed with a) her boring attempt at glam and b) the Hills style side braid. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the braid and think it's especially great if you're growing out bangs. But to the Oscars!?!?!

Let's play the game, "If I was styling Jennifer Anniston on a night when she'll be bumping into her ex and the woman who stole him" here's what I'd suggest:

A strapless, fluttery Valentino Dress in a nude colour to accentuate her tan. It's subdued enough for a non-nominee, but it's still a showstopper because of the shearness. I think she should have tapped into her sex-appeal a bit more.

with these $3,500 droplet earrings, they sort of have a Morrocan feeling that would compliment the dress and look great with long hair. And finally the statement peice. This gold and crystal cuff.

In Conclusion, I think Jennifer Anniston should have kept the glitz and glam to her jewelery and chosen a dress with less Figure Skating appeal, and more sex-appeal. The Brange WAS sitting in the first row, they asked for it.

And finally...

Most Innappropriately, over-done, aging, obnoxiously dressed Oscar goes to...

Miley Cyrus!!
Belts + the Oscars = do not mix!
This dress makes me think that her dad, BILLY BOB Cyrus, was her stylist.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You-tube Looks

posted some you-tubes over the weekend...check them out, and please subscribe, rate and comment!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hard times call for beauty aisle creativity!

The current financial pinch does not mean we need to start slapping mayonnaise all over our hair in place of Keratene's $50 deep conditioner. Yes, spending habits of the 2000's need to adapt to the bitter financial crisis of '09, but the pampering doesn't have to stop!

After a bit of research I've found some fun, cost-effective ways to keep up with a beauty routine while not shelling out a fortune; hope you can use a couple of these tips even if you're not feeling the pinch.

Here are some at-home beauty recipes to help curb that La mer addiction...

Smooth, plumped lips
Mix together in a bowl:
1-2 teaspoons of Vaseline
1/4 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon table Salt

Apply a generous amount to lips and rub, focussing on chapped areas. Let sit for 3 to 5 minutes, allowing the Vaseline to moisterize and Cinnamon to invigorate.

Moisterizing body scrub (not recommended for face because of the oil)

Mix coarse sea-salt or Kosher salt with Olive-Oil (as much as you like)
Spread anywhere you feel needs some buffing and moisterizing, particularly hands and feet
Apply in the shower to limit the mess, buff, let soak in (while you have a deep conditioning hair mask on maybe)
Rinse well

Look at your local drugstore as the Beauty Counter of '09...

Reduce redness in pimples: Apply Visine Redness Relief Eye-Drops with a clean Q-tip to the affected area. The same ingredients that reduce redness in the eye, works on the skin too.
Makeup Remover: Spread Pond's cold cream to face and tissue off, rinse. Dissolves all traces of makeup.

Eye-Makeup Remover: Baby-oil applied with a cotton ball dissolves even the most stubborn mascara because it's oil based. Make sure to rinse well to prevent clogging pores.

Multi-functional product: Vaseline is by far the best multi-functional product in the drugstore. Use it as a great lip-balm, lip-gloss (mash up old lipsticks in a container with Vaseline to create homemade glosses), eye-lash conditioner, eye-brow tamer, etc. etc. what can't it do?!

Salon quality hair-care: The Pantene Restoratives line is, in my opinion, the best quality hair-care at the drug-store. For around $10 you get a large bottle of immediate results for your hair. The anti-breakage is particularly impressive as it boasts 90% improvement in hair.
Acne skin-care: I LOVE Neutrogena Acne Stree Control because it clears up current acne, while preventing new flare ups. It has really curved the frequency of flare ups in my skin. I love the foam wash (removes heavy make-up), cream wash (keep it in my shower) and 3-in-1 moisterizer (I use it at night). It's pricier than Noxema, etc. But it does what it says and more! Salycylic acid and Green tea for around $12!

Treatments you can do yourself:
- Deep conditioning treatments
- Exfoliation and Body scrubs
- Bang trims (TRIM, I say! Not over-haul. I've done this one too many times)
- Eyebrow maintenance with tweezers
- Manicures and Pedicures
- Hair colour maintenance (if not drastic)
- Bottle tans
- Teeth bleaching
Treatments better left to a professional:
- Waxing of any kind
- Hair cuts, especially layered haircuts
- Facial procedures (chemical peels, etc)

General tips for saving money in the beauty aisle:

- check out at the beauty cash register and ask for samples, they usually have some. Even if they're not samples that you'd normally use, try them out anyway. It adds to the shopping experience!

- take the extra 5 minutes and sign up for point cards (Sephora's beauty insider card, Shopper's Drug Mart Optimum card). You rack up points to score samples and points applied to purchases. **NOT to be confused with store CREDIT CARDS. steer clear of those!

- go online and view the store's weekly flyer when you know you need to go pick up some products. There may be a Buy 1 get 1 free deal that you might not have known about.

- visit the baby aisle for great (cute!) products that can be used by non-babies and non-moms too. I've heard that a diaper rash product called Sudocrem is great for healing skin post acne - keep you posted.

- Buy basics like shampoo, conditioner, body wash and even makeup sponges at Wal-Mart or chain grocery stores (Loblaws) as they tend to be cheaper than drugstores. Although the selection can be limited.

- lipglosses wear off no matter how much money you shell out, so why not pay $2 for a bonnebell instead?

- NYC has great nailpolish colours for a fraction of the cost of O.P.I and even Sally Hanson. Use NYC for fashion colours, and get the more expensive brands for basic colours (ie. nude, red and top coat)

- Rimmel is a great brand if you're looking for trendy makeup under $15

- Revlon is a great brand if you're looking for classic, quality makeup. I'd say it compares to high-brands as far as formulation.

- Physicians Formula is a great brand for sensitive skin types who don't mind spending $20 or more. Shopper's Drug Mart has regular sales on this line. Great mascaras!

Above all, be creative! And don't feel tied to brand loyalty..test products out from different brands to see if you can find a cheaper version of luxe products you already use.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look

My first one! the editing sucks, not to mention how many times I say "um".

No matter! The point is I did it! I hope you like it!!

in-person my brows looked huge, but in photos/video they look normal! very disappointed.

Here's my tutorial video:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New post idea

After watching many a youtube video on the makeup channel (surprisingly therapeutic and relaxing), I've decided I want to try my hand at different 'looks'. My plan is to recreate famous makeup faces, as well as ones I've come up with or have seen on others - and give credit where credit is due.

I'll post pictures of the finishd look(s) and products used...hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Any ideas??

Stay tuned

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Is there a difference between drugstore hair-care brands and professional lines?

Yes and No!

My experience has been that certain products from drug-store brands tend to outshine the rest of the product line (ie. there's a lack of consistency). Whereas, products from professional lines tend to be much more consistent with their results (i.e. it's either all good, or all bad). There are pros and cons to both - what if a product from a professional line is really bad...usually this means the rest will be lacking too.

Here's a breakdown of my hair-do's; hopefully this will help all those people who are sick of buying watered-down junk disguised as hair-care.
Drugstore Must-Have's:

Marc Anthony Shine Spray: smells so good and adds a really nice shine - love the spray bottle, avoids weighing hair down. L'Oreal Vive Pro Shampoos and Conditioners: feels and smells like a high-quality line

Pantene Ice Shine Hairspray

Worth Every Penny Must-Have's:

Ojon Reconstructive Deep Conditioner: This product is not for the faint of heart. It smells like smoke and looks like cow dung, but it does what it says. Mends busted hair.

(tip: to mask the smell/appearance of your hair after applying - it will literally look like you dumped baby-oil on your head, and smell like you smoked a pack of cigs - put a shower cap on and let it soak in or sleep in it over night)

Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream: It adds shine without weighing hair down. It magically adds a bit of hold too, without making hair sticky. Use it as the final step of styling.

Tigi Curls Rock: This cream does the job of both a serum and gel for curly hair. Use 1 to 2 pumps (no more), brush throughout wet/damp hair, then create coils wrapped around your finger. Let set (bone dry) and break up the ringlets with your fingers, create as much or as little volume as you like. Really flexible product. Love it.

Tigi Heat Protecting, Smoothing Lotion: Creates a barrier between your hair and heat styling tools. Adds a touch of hold perfect for calming down curls, or taming straight/wavy hair.

The Essentials

  • Non-harsh Shampoo and Conditioner that work together (either both are for colour treated hair, dry hair, normal, etc). Get products that give you the option of using them every-day, even if you don't wash your hair that frequently. A more harsh, sudzing shampoo will strip your hair.

  • Deep Conditioner that gives your hair extra moisture (either a light formulation for thin hair, or a thicker version for coarse hair) Use it once a week - or whenever you feel like it.

  • Glossing Serum (or cream; which is less slick) to 'finish' hair, tame fly-aways, and add shine

  • A Shower Cap - the best way to shield hair when you want to shower without washing/wetting your hair. A real life-saver! Even though it is quite possibly the most unattractive thing you could put on your head.

  • A Turby-Towel - Remember those tv ads for turby-towels? Well, they were on to something. Now you can buy them - or a product like them - any where. Get one. It dries hair so much better and more easily than a huge towel sitting on top of your head, which can actually cause breakage.

  • Professional Hair-Clips - These are ideal for sectioning off hair when drying or styling. I often use them to keep hair out of my face when washing or putting on my makeup. The claw-type clips don't create dents in your hair either.

  • A Tail Comb - The best tool for sectioning hair perfectly. Also great when using a flattening iron to really straighten the hair.

  • A Really Good Brush - Find the best brush you can afford - the ideal ones have a mix of synthetic bristles and boar bristles. Whether it's a paddle brush, a blow-out brush, etc. Invest in a good one because it makes styling that much easier.

  • A Straightening/Flattening Iron - If you invest in a good one, the possibilities are endless. Good straightening irons can add volume as well as create sleek, straight looks. Twisting the iron through strands can create waves or coils (no need for a curling iron). And curving the iron either under or out at the ends of hair creates different effects too.

Safe Bets

My list of hair-care brands that are consistently great, no matter what your hair-type or needs are:

L'Oreal Professional Line
S Factor Line

Tresemme Line

Tigi Catwalk/BedHead Lines

Hair-lines that have hits and misses:
  • Aveda (love the smell of a lot of their products, but the price point is rediculous and sometimes their styling products don't do what they claim)

  • Garnier Nutrisse (like the smell, find it to be an overall too light formulation. Better for thin hair maybe?)

  • Bumble & Bumble (love the packaging and smells, find their styling products don't do much but their shampoos/conditioners are decent. too pricey!!)

  • John Frieda (I like the idea of all the various products for weather damaged, curly, straight, coloured, etc. But wish the products were better quality. The packaging is great. Don't like the laundry-soap/dull smell)

  • Matrix (gross smell, o.k. formulation. Better for normal/thin hair)